The CROC Story

The Original Croc Story - Read our Augmented story here

As high-speed sports enthusiasts we have always searched for the best performing products from the market in the sports we love - including alpine skiing, mountain biking and beyond. After doing that for years we felt that it's really hard if not nearly impossible to find competitive, reasonably priced skis or bikes coupled with personal service. Or having the capability to impact on product specifications to make sure it would match with capabilities of individual athletes so that the equipment itself would not hold them back in a search of their personal limits. This just simply was not available for outsiders of the championship "elite".

Time went by and nothing changed on how the industry operated.

The urge to change things was growing and becoming an obsession and passion for us. Sometime late in 2014 things started to move on - various people within the ski - and MTB racing industries were aware and also shared our frustration. These people knew we would like to to start a totally different racing focused ski and bike operation. Some of these people shared our vision on a deep and meaningful level.

By May 2015, after many many discussions and think tank's we had 2 professional teams in place. One for changing the way we think about racing ski manufacturing and one for doing the exact same for the mountain bike racing scene. Three highly regarded ski design and manufacturing pro's joined forces with us in order to form the basic platform of Croc ski operation. As many times in life, one thing leads to another and in June 2015 we welcomed our 3 bike pro's into what could now be called the Croc family. It was time to get Crockin!

Croc promise

We are in this with full hearts and full hearts only. We know that it will sometimes be difficult to outperform the industry behemoths, but it is in our DNA and definitely possible.

We know that when we stay among the forerunners and never stop exploring many good things will follow to you as a Croc customer - or like we often say Crocer - as well as to our people making all these products we are so proud of and who have made all this possible in the first place.

We will always do only the very best we can. No compromises - just performance with a reasonable price tag available to anyone serious about their sport and performance.


We are proudly working equally with national teams, racing teams, sport schools as well as lonely riders. All our customers are in our team. At the very highest levels of our sports we believe that the future lies in professionally managed manufacturer teams.