Augment Skis

CROC skis are now AUGMENT:ed!

Please find our new Augment Skis here!


Our new brand name is Augment. The company and even our logo will remain the same, as well as the people and the owners behind it. Just like Croc skis, all Augment skis will be manufactured on our own ski factory in Stuhlfelden. 

Changing the brand name is always a hard decision. Instead of spending years in the courtrooms defending our registered Croc brand name against two companies Crocs, Inc and Voima, Ltd. , our new registered trademark brand name Augment gives us a possibility to sell our existing and new products in Europe and USA. 

Augment [ɔ:gˈment] stands for growth, increase, elevation. Faster, stronger, further - these are the prerequisites for success as an athlete. For us, the word Augment means improved performance, effectiveness and customer care.


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